Our service


Planning and manufacturing of conveyors of all sizes according to every parameter requested by the customer.

Cranes and lifting facilities

- Planning and manufacturing of cranes according to the total customer request – assembly according to the terrain.
- Assembly of port cranes. Manufacturing of arms for mobile cranes.
- Manufacturing of industrial elevators.
- Manufacturing of building cranes' chassis.


Special equipment for the concrete industry

Planning and manufacturing of lifting equipment for lifting of concrete elements such as:
- Concrete piping, antifreeze etc.
- Planning and manufacturing of saws for concrete sawing.
- Planning and manufacturing of funnels, carts and conveyors.

Vessel maintenance

Special equipment for heavy engineering equipment

- Planning and manufacturing of spoons according to the customer requests.
- Spoon fitting to toll.
- Planning and manufacturing of "clams", finches, scissors, chisels etc…

Heavy pipe works

- Performance of stainless-steel pipe works, steel and plastic works which will undergo destruction testing for each connection.
- Regular piping, high pressure piping, food piping for various kinds of foods.

Welding of all kinds of metals

- We weld by electrodes, MIG welding and TIG welding of various kinds of metals.
- All our welders have certifications and undergo training and refreshments every year. - We perform process certification if needed.

Planning and manufacturing of hydraulic equipment

Manufacturing of facilities and piping for the food industry

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