About company

M. Shaiman Metal Works Ltd. specializes in projects within Israel’s metal industry.
Established by Moshe (Mishka) Shaiman in 1980 as a metal shop, high demand by the largest companies in the market paved the way for the company’s expansion and development.
M. Shaiman supplies its various clients with machinery and lifting devices, from the initial planning stages to production and assembly. M. Shaiman’s professional and skilled team of engineers, engravers, welders, millers and locksmiths guarantee a meticulous work process, time and time again.
All projects are executed at the company factory in Ashdod and include precise geometrical planning that guarantee total compatibility and maximum performance.
M. Shaiman’s clients benefit from the following professional services:
– The production, assembly and construction of cranes, heavy lifting devices, pipelines, grinders, conveyor belts, drill machines and more.
Mechanical assembly that includes hydraulic systems and the repair and assembly of motors and gears.
– Chip processing and engraving projects
– Maintenance services and standardization consulting in Israel and worldwide, including factory machine, crane and pipeline maintenance.
Creativity, quality materials, attention to detail and high production standards are but a few of the characteristics that have solidified M. Shaiman’s excellent reputation in the metal industry. Due to M. Shaiman’s ability to provide maintenance work and projects within a wide scope range, the company provides services to clients both large and small.
The extensive knowledge and experience possessed by each and every one of M. Shaiman’s employees allows customers to benefit from quick, practical and cost-effective solutions, while enjoying peace of mind.
M. Shaiman’s services and project management were chosen by Israel Ports, The Israel Electric Corp., Israel Railways, Ashtrom Group Ltd., Krupp, Kone Cranes, Neuro, Noble Energy and other leading corporations.
All operations adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements.

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